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Hello everyone, I am Andrew R Carr, Founder of the Advocacy magazine.This website which you are visiting has been inspired by countless activist and advocates in my life and those in today’s world. Today my life was shaped by parent advocates, teacher advocates and legislative advocates who made an impact in my life from hearing technology, to education access to supporting myself as a young adult.

I successfully completed my college education in 2016, and I have since continued my advocacy for others and myself in access to technology and information. In the political world, I became involved in a national pac to elect disability leaders to the national stage, and support candidates who are inclusive of disability policies and missions toward inclusion and diversity.

I pursued my advocacy to state government in 2017 by becoming appointed to the state wide Independent Living -Council in Massachusetts.This is an organization run by the Federal government that manages our state budgets for independent living centers.  It offers support for the disability, underserved and underrepresented  communities, that are not afforded equal access to education, housing, employment and social support and the opportunities this country has to offer.

Through my work on the SILC I saw a need for a stronger state and national advocacy to represent  all people with disabilities in the media, and give them the spotlight to be empowered .  This advocacy magazine is to build that community and empower leaders across our cities, state and nation to action, and deliver change for the people most needed in our country. The stories we tell here are reflective of stories people lived and need to hear, stories that shaped my life in past events that inspired people that impacted my life to make a change for society and their communities.

One example that inspired me is the lack of accessible on demand cabs for wheel chair users in cities.Many cities should work to implement the WAV- cab program. Many cities could get funded to do this but they have not ignited this program to include and bring diversity to their city and upgrade their cities to the 21 century of mobility and innovation.

Another example that  we see is employment.  fWe should advocate for city and states to address employment gaps or lack of employment opportunity for people with disabilities in their cities. This is where our advocacy magazine will step up and advocate for people who are left out and their stories not told or heard by cities leaders or state leaders.  We hope to highlight these stories in the Advocacy magazine.

Our magazine goal is to build happier and brighter  communities where people are teaming with prosperity, economic abundance  and opportunities for success. We will network with city leaders, state leaders and national leaders to inspire motive and change hearts and minds to action, develop policy and support innovation to achieve greater communities for people of all backgrounds.