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Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Theadvocacymagazine.com Inclusive work places like CVS

We applaud companies like CVS working toward a diverse and inclusive workplace winning the recognition as a number one place to work for people...

Goals to a fun and inclusive work place. Theadvocacymagazine.com

Goals to a fun, and inclusive work place Our commentary that being an inclusive work place build a social atmosphere and a inclusive environment for...

Theadvocacymagazine.com Headline- Million disability employees out of work

Headline- Million disability employees out of work This shows the desire need for the Joe Biden administration to include folks with  disabilities  in the rescue...

Theadvocacymagazine.com US economy recovers for everyone- Include people with disabilities

Slowly the us economy is rebounding, and should for everyone including those with disabilities. Will new legislation address the need to rebound United States...

Theadvocacymagazine.Com Commentary on remote work

Tackling the struggle of remote work. We believe we should be engaged in a national campaign to be inclusive in remote work, making permanent changes...
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