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Remote work the advocacy magazine is advocating for Telehealth and remote work, Thousand of people and millions across the country have been able to access doctors and places of employment once shut off to them. Now they are available due to remote work and Telehealth, the government must make this a priority, and businesses must make this a practice to employ greater Telehealth and remote workforce settings.

We have heard stories across the country of people accessing greater mobility in communication due to remote settings, the unseen benefit of this awful virus has allowed us to flex our technology might and accelerate a technology boom across the United States.
Remote work has been a boon of opportunities and paved the wave for remote technologies connecting Americans across the country who might have not otherwise met each other. Informing the flow of ideas and connectivity across our great nation. We think government and policymakers should be inclusive of remote work and remote technologies and invest in them and employ them as business practices. The benefit and reduce traveling and cost of gas have saved the average consumer and state governments money in expenditure. This would decrease the need for SSI, open opportunities for remote work and inclusion.

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